Mobility Solutions

Establish a flexible and mobile workforce by enabling secure, reliable connectivity and collaboration across all devices.

Your mobile workforce requires secure remote access to your business network’s resources anytime, anywhere. Let our team of experts tailor a solution to meet your mobile workforce needs.

Connekted’s mobile technologies and Wi-Fi location services give employees and visitors a more personal and convenient experience. This helps them make more informed choices, as they’re equipped with the right information, at the right time!

Responsive, helpful, fast, available.

Connekted, Inc.

Mobility Solutions from Connekted cover the following:

  • Wireless Network Design and Deployment
  • Wireless Surveys
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Mobile Device Solutions

Data Center Colocation

Relocating your own data center is expensive. Let us handle the upkeep of your servers, networks and bandwidth so you can concentrate on your business.

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Cloud Services

Secure, seamless and collaborative access to all your mission-critical files from anywhere on the planet

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Managed Services

With our proactive support and monitoring, you reduce downtime and minimize IT costs and inconvenience

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IT Support and Consulting

Gain valuable advice and support on IT’s latest trends to stay ahead of the competition

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