HIPAA compliant secure remote access

Challenge : When the IT Director of a Health Care provider implemented a new remote health care contract, they quickly found that improving the technology to securely connect remote workers was needed, and needed fast. Accessing patient records was a key component of the Health Care Providers plan of care, and the current system was not able to provide this functionality. Thus, the in-house IT department was spending too much time trying to get what they had to work. Remote Staff often had to come onsite to finish the paperwork. The IT director needed to have this issue addressed immediately.

Solution: Connekted came onsite and reviewed the existing IT environment. After reviewing the needs of the remote workers, we designed a HIPAA compliant solution to allow the workers in the field to easily and securely connect to the resources of the Health Care Provider. The Firewalls were replaced and new, secure software was installed to allow 45 Remote users to easily and securely view and update patient information. All of this was done within two weeks and IT Director could not be happier.

Result: Initially, Connekted came in and resolved the remote connectivity issues. Later on, Connekted added double factor authentication to further enhance the security of the PHI data that was being accessed in the field.

“Thanks to Connekted, employee morale improved, and our in house IT department did not have to waste resources trying to get remote workers to try and connect to our system.”