Connekted mends patient record application deployment failure.

Challenge: A home health company that services patients through multiple locations had purchased a software system that was a huge investment for them, but it was never implemented correctly. The operations director was challenged with controlling the flow of information between his corporate office and the other locations, and needed to get the software system to run in stable manner. Onboarding each of the locations including new workflow and system training was a concern. He also needed to minimize his daily involvement in the company’s IT issues, to focus on his primary responsibilities.

Solution: Connekted helped with a number of IT issues. The first was increasing the productivity and efficiency of the company’s server and workstations. The server and PCs were optimized, and the 45 computers were monitored remotely. The new software system was designed to help them better manage and archive their patient record information. The operations director expressed, “Connekted worked extremely fast. Their project manager has been outstanding at reviewing our needs and helping us develop a plan.”

Connekted also implemented a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution, with business continuity. “I knew we lacked a good backup system.”

To address the need for better security of patient healthcare records, Connekted developed and implemented a layered security system to protect the network and its end points. A monthly security service that included firewalls at three locations was installed. New anti-virus protection with optics was installed on each endpoint, and a web filtering service to prevent endpoint intrusion and malware protection was also installed.

Result: “Connekted made my life easier. I’m no longer wrapped up with IT issues. Everything runs seamlessly now and I can get back to other things. We are where we need to be for our planned growth. Thank you!”